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December 2012

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Bright Night, Chapter 12/15

Title: Bright Night
Author: ScissorSissy2
Rating: PG-13/Possibly R
Pairing: Adam/OMC, mentions of Kris/OMC, mentions of Kraty, eventual Kradam
Warnings: Language, some violence & mentions of past abuse
Summary: AU taking place in summer 2013. Neil Lambert decides to attend his ten-year high school reunion, and drags his newly-engaged brother, Adam, along. Also attending the reunion is the recently-divorced Kris Allen, who was in love with Adam in high school, and who is confused about his feelings for him now. Adam and Kris quickly connect, but feel guilty doing so with Adam's fiancé in the picture. Before long, though, they both discover something that makes their advances feel right, and it takes them on a night-long adventure that they will never forget.
Author's Note: I'm glad you guys liked the little twist I threw in there. :) This chapter is a bit angsty but it will get better soon, I promise. Hope you enjoy!


Everything was happening so fast, Kris’s mind raced to catch up with the chain of events taking place. He’d been telling Adam about his failed first relationship with a man, and Adam had suddenly shouted out that Jay was his fiancé. What?! Jay- Adam’s fiancé? That’s impossible! Kris thought, though it actually was very possible. The reason Kris’s relationship with Jay had ended was because Kris had caught him fucking some other guy in his car. Jay was a cheater. It was pretty likely he’d cheat on someone else, besides Kris. Adam.



Adam was screaming, cursing, pushing himself up off the ground and stomping away. All before Kris’s slow mind even had a chance to register what the fuck was going on. Adam was rapidly moving further and further away from Kris, bounding off in the opposite direction of where their car was parked. He obviously didn’t want Kris to drive him home.

Adam was almost out of sight now. Kris’s first instinct was to hop up and race after him. And that’s exactly what he did. Ignoring the stiffness in his legs from Adam lying on him for over an hour, Kris stood up from the grass and actually started running to catch up with Adam, who was unfortunately making a lot of progress. Adam’s legs were so much longer than Kris’s, and with his head start, too, there was no way Kris could simply get by with just walking, so he sprinted.



Starting to feel an overwhelming sense of despair at the thought of losing Adam- Adam, the only man he’d ever loved; Adam, the person he’d just gotten so close to tonight; Adam, who he’d drawn strength from to confess his darkest secret; Adam, who he’d die if he lost right now- Kris sped up to what must’ve been a record-breaking pace.



Kris could see Adam’s figure bathed in white moonlight, simply walking forward, while Kris was running his ass off. He’s about ten feet ahead, Kris told himself, glad that his spontaneous cross country run was almost over. You’re almost there. But the park was so goddamn huge, and Adam was almost at the road now.



The second Adam hit the pavement of the street, Kris knows he will have lost him. Although there was no traffic this time of night, Kris just couldn’t chase after Adam anymore if he was on the street. For one, if Kris hadn’t caught up with Adam by the time he was on the road, there was probably no chance of Kris ever catching up to him. Also, this time of night and in this area of town, if you’re chasing after someone who appears to just be innocently trying to get away, you’ll probably end up getting arrested.



Kris had him. Adam was literally one foot away. They were on the edge of the road, once again seeing civilization after spending so long in the unpopulated park. Headlights and neon signs filled Kris’s line of vision. Grasping out for Adam’s arm, Kris stopped him from continuing his storming off, and Adam whirled around. Rage outlined every feature on Adam’s face- nostrils flared, pursed lips, eyes squinted, vein by his temple practically about to burst. Out of breath from his run, Kris couldn’t say anything, and he stared at Adam’s angry face while his stomach flipped.



“Let me go, Kris,” Adam ground out, glaring at Kris with an uncomfortable amount of contempt. Adam yanked his arm out of Kris’s hold, and turned to trudge on.



Why the hell is he mad at me, if his fiancé is the one that cheated?!Wait, Adam!” Kris cried, grabbing Adam’s arm again.



Adam jerked back violently, his fist raised in defense. “Let. Go. Of. Me,” Adam snapped, his voice low with warning and an underlying fear.



Whoa, Kris thought, stepping back, a little afraid himself because he’d never experienced such anger from anyone. “Adam, please-“



“Stop, Kris. Just stop.” Adam tilted in closer to Kris to further make his point. “Haven’t you already hurt me enough?” And with that, Adam spun on his heel and sauntered his way across the two-lane road.



Kris’s mind had yet to realize that Adam had walked away, and was instead focused more on what Adam had said. What? Hurt you? What did I do to hurt you? Sean hurt you in the bathroom. Jay hurt you, if he did cheat on you. I’ve comforted you all night. And I want to comfort you now. Just come back, Adam, and talk to me. Please. But he couldn’t bring himself to voice those thoughts. Instead, he just called out, “Adam!” one last time, like Adam would run right over and he wouldn’t be mad anymore. But Adam just raised his middle finger, not even looking back, as he stepped foot on the sidewalk on the other side of the road.



Kris was suddenly so overcome with exhaustion from chasing after Adam, and all the emotional stress caused by the bathroom incident, seeing Katy, and seeing Adam leave now. He collapsed in the grass and sat down, only one antagonizing thought circling through his head: You lost him. And he watched Adam make his way down the sidewalk and disappear into the night.








Adam really had no idea what he was doing. Or where he was going. But he just had to get away from Kris. Kris had just admitted to sleeping with Josh! And he was acting so innocent, like he hadn’t done anything wrong. He’d even chased after Adam while he was making his getaway. At first, Adam hadn’t believed that Kris was capable of such devastation, but he’d admitted to it. He told Adam that he slept with Josh! Well, actually, he’d said ‘Jay’ but that had to have just been a nickname.



But as Adam was walking along the empty sidewalks, all the shops closed up as it was probably sometime after midnight, Adam couldn’t really bring himself to care. All he felt was pain. Not physically, for that had finally faded away, and his emotional pain was overtaking him. His stomach was churning, his heart ached, and he felt like a part of him was dying inside. He stared at the engagement ring on his finger. Less than twenty-four hours ago, I’d been so proud to wear it. So happy. Now what? What the fuck? Everything has changed.



Everything had completely flipped upside down from the same time yesterday. He’d been so happily in love with his fiancé, so content with living the rest of his life with Josh. And now, Adam thought back on his day. He’d shared a passionate kiss with Kris that shockingly enough had made him feel things. And though it was just for show, just to distract Katy long enough to get Kris the hell away from her, it had actually stirred up feelings for Kris that he hadn’t known he had. And then he opened up to Kris, telling him things that he’d never told anyone. It’d made him feel so close to Kris, closer than he was with Josh, even.

Kris had told his secrets, too. It had been such an intimate moment, and Adam thought he was actually starting to like Kris, despite being in a committed relationship with the man of his dreams. Adam had felt guilty, and then Kris had let it slip that he dated Josh- while Adam and Josh were together. And then Adam lost it. Adam suddenly lost his fiancé, and his new/old friend, Kris, and felt love for neither of them.



Now, walking God-knows-where, Adam was angry. Madder than he’d ever been in his life. He wanted to punch something until his fist fell off, wanted to scream until his throat bled. He was absolutely devastated. There were several times while he was walking that he felt like he was about to cry, but then he thought of Kris and Josh together and his anger drowned out his sadness and the urge to cry.



Jesus fucking Christ, my fiancé cheated on me, I just ran away from Kris- the one guy who can probably help me through all this- and I am soooo lost, Adam thought, running through just some of his many problems in his brain, feeling utterly empty inside.



Part of him regretted leaving Kris. Kris would have gladly driven him home while he brooded or vented to him from the passenger seat. But now, having made it very clear that he didn’t want to be with Kris at the moment, he was totally fucked. Feeling hopelessly lost in more ways than one, his heart skipped a beat and relief flooded through him as a familiar voice called out, “Adam fucking Lambert!”



Adam spun around to see two familiar faces. Thank God. “Cheeks! Cass!” Adam’s voice sounded eerily hollow, even to his own ears. Then, facing Brad and Cassidy, sweaty and eyes glazed from the club they’d probably just left, Adam was hit with a freaky sense of déjà vu from the high school gym. A realization hit him hard, looking at their happy but somewhat weary faces. He said in a dark tone, “You guys knew.”



Brad and Cassidy shared a look, a split second glance, and it was just enough to confirm Adam’s hunch. But they looked back at Adam with feigned-joyful looks on their faces, and Brad even laughed. They were trying to deny it now. “We knew what?” Cassidy said, grinning wildly- a gesture that was 100% fake.



Adam widened his eyes, willing them to cut the shit and just explain it to him. He was angry, but so, so confused still. “You knew about Josh.”



Both of their faces fell instantaneously. They looked at Adam with such pity, and Adam suddenly realized how truly sad the situation was. It was sad enough to garner pity, apparently. “Sweetie-“



Adam cut Brad off. “I know he cheated on me! Why didn’t you guys tell me?!” His voice sounded accusing, and so shrill.



“Okay, honest to God, we talked for days after it happened, deciding whether or not to tell you,” Cassidy started. It was so like him, to just get to the point, without beating around the bush.



But then Brad further elaborated, the known storyteller he was. “It was like, six months ago, right after the time we last hung out with you. We caught him at some club we were at, fucking that asshole ex of yours in the bathroom, like a couple of grade-A sluts.”

Adam shook his head. Wait, what? I never dated Kris, he’s not my ex..? “My ex? What asshole ex?”



Brad rolled his eyes to the sky, thinking for a beat before answering, “That total d-bag from high school. What was his name? Sean, I think. Really nasty, and Cass and I confronted Sean later and told him that Josh was with you now, and he’d better watch his back.”



Listening intently, Adam’s mind became a bit clearer with Brad’s explanation. Sean had known about his relationship with Josh, and when he noticed in the bathroom that Adam was actually engaged, he’d freaked out. He’d happily traumatize a man that was merely dating someone he had nasty public sex with, but when there’s such a commitment as an engagement involved, he just couldn’t impose.



Adam’s heart began to ache much less with the explanation as well, knowing that Sean had also been played by Josh. Kris wasn’t the only one Josh had an affair with. So, Kris might actually have not known that Josh was engaged. And that realization made him ten times less angry with Kris. He was still so angry at Josh, and Sean, but not as much at Kris. Kris hadn’t deliberately hurt him.



Feeling a tad lighter from releasing some of his anger, he began to ask more about what happened, just to see if he could try to understand even more. “So, why didn’t you guys tell me? You could’ve called me, or visited me, or even told me back at the reunion!”



Cassidy answered this time, once again straight to the point. “We were afraid you wouldn’t have believed us. We knew you wouldn’t, actually. You had to figure it out on your own. And when it looked like you were actually gonna marry the shit-head, we just had to warn you, at least.”



The response actually cut right through Adam, reminding him that he’d been so blindly in love with Josh, as far as just one day ago. And now everything was so different. He wasn’t sure he could even look at the lying, cheating bastard ever again.



Adam was suddenly so exhausted from the physical and emotional strain he’d endured that night, and wanted nothing more than to go home. Although he did share his apartment with Josh, he was almost positive that Josh wouldn’t be home at this time. Earlier when he’d tried to call him and got no response, Josh had probably been dick-deep in some slut at his office. And after receiving Adam’s voicemail informing him he’d be out all night, Josh had probably gone whore-hunting at the local bar.



Adam almost wanted to go find Kris, but wasn’t so sure Kris would want to see him after the way he’d stormed off like that. Kris had been so torn up about it, because after all, he genuinely did not know that he’d slept with Adam’s fiancé. Just deciding to let himself think about everything he needed to do tomorrow- Wait, it already is tomorrow. It’s like 1:30.- he said to the two sorry-looking men in front of him, “Can you guys drive me home? My ride is gone.”



They both nodded slowly and sadly and took Adam by the arms and steered him toward their SUV. Cassidy drove, and Brad silently allowed Adam to ride shotgun. It didn’t take long to reach Adam’s house- maybe because they were actually kind of close to it to begin with, but probably because they wanted the party pooper out of the car so they could continue their night of partying.



On the way, Adam ran through a mental list of things he needed to do. He needed to actually confront Josh, he needed to plan to pack up all of Josh’s things so he could kick him out, and he desperately needed to track Kris down just to talk to him again. Talking to him felt so good, and he wished it didn’t have to end. Especially since now, he was kind of single and maybe he could actually act on the feelings he had.



When they pulled into the parking space, all three of them noticed that Josh’s bright red car was nowhere to be found in the sea of black and white cars, but no one said anything about it. Before Adam got out of the car, Brad’s hand shot up from the backseat and rested on his shoulder in a comforting manner. “You gonna be okay?”



Adam had to think for a minute. Neil was probably gonna kill himself driving drunk, he was probably never going to see Kris again, and he lost his fiancé. Slowly nodding his aching head, Adam mumbled, “I’ll be fine.”



Cassidy looked at him knowingly from the driver’s seat, sending a look that said, I know you too well for that lie. But he didn’t say anything like that. Instead, he just placed a large hand on Adam’s knee in a friendly way. “We’ll call sometime later to check in with you, alright?”



Adam nodded again. He’d do anything just to get into his bed and drift off to sleep and not have to face all his problems right now. “We love you, hun!” Brad exclaimed from the backseat, but he sounded extremely subdued.



“Love you, too,” Adam mumbled, opening the car door and stepping out. “Really, guys, I’ll be okay. But thank you so much. For everything.” They just nodded in response, and Adam got out of the car and stepped onto the curb.



Spinning back around, he gave a halfhearted goodbye wave to the two sitting in the car, and tiredly and sadly made his way toward his and Josh’s apartment.


so much information for adam at once. no point taking it all out on kris. josh was the cheater and with sean too?? he needs to find kris
Yep, Josh has cheated with several different men. And Adam will definitely find Kris soon!! Next chapter is up :)
That certainly is alot for Adam to digest at once. It's good he realizes that Kris couldn't of known about Josh & Adam. Heck Josh was even using a different name. I wonder how many other names he goes by? Adam knows he did Kris wrong but it's also good he's think that he is single & can persue Kris. If/when he can find him....Oh Weds going to be a long time to wait!!!!!
Josh has cheated many times, with many men. Adam sees more and more of that later. Thanks for reading! Next chapter is up :)
Oh, I forgot. I wanted to thank you for putting links to the whole story & to the last chapter. I like to go back & read the last chapter or at least the last few paragraphs to remember exactly where the story left off. I don't want to get different stories confused!! Other times I just want to re-read & enjoy an entire story again. Thanks again.
& You're very welcome! I do the exact same thing when reading a fic, so I don't even think twice about linking past chapters. I'm glad I could help you out :) Now I'll make sure to keep doing it! ♥
Ooooh, I think they just might... :) Next chapter is up!
I am happy that Adam now knows what a douce his fiance is !!! now he needs to hold Kris !!! great update sweetie !!! loving this ♥
Adam realizes more and more how awful Josh is for him. I'm so glad you're enjoying this story, thank you for reading it. Next chapter is up ♥
I feel for Adam but before he sleeps he better get on that damn phone and call Kris ... I know you're mad Adam but how could you think Kris cheated on purpose, especially when Josh was Jay to him!

Deb <333
Heehee :) Kris and Adam will find each other again soon. Thanks for reading! Next chapter is up ♥