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December 2012

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Bright Night, Chapter 13/15

Title: Bright Night
Author: ScissorSissy2
Rating: PG-13/Possibly R
Pairing: Adam/OMC, mentions of Kris/OMC, mentions of Kraty, eventual Kradam
Warnings: Language, some violence & mentions of past abuse
Summary: AU taking place in summer 2013. Neil Lambert decides to attend his ten-year high school reunion, and drags his newly-engaged brother, Adam, along. Also attending the reunion is the recently-divorced Kris Allen, who was in love with Adam in high school, and who is confused about his feelings for him now. Adam and Kris quickly connect, but feel guilty doing so with Adam's fiancé in the picture. Before long, though, they both discover something that makes their advances feel right, and it takes them on a night-long adventure that they will never forget.
Author's Note: Hope you guys enjoy! ♥

Kris felt so empty, so lonely now that Adam was gone. Adam had been the first person he’d really talked to, connected to, since his breakup with Jay. Kris had purposely isolated himself, because people just hurt you, so what’s the point of hanging out with them? But being with Adam tonight, it took all of those feelings of pain and regret away from him. They’d opened up to each other, and Kris thought that Adam was starting to really have feelings for him. But then Adam had run away. Adam doesn’t like you, Kris told himself. He’s engaged. Apparently to Jay. But engaged, nonetheless.



He just sat down on the ground for a while, crying some of the time, then just staring blankly and pondering about how awesome his night had been in comparison to his generally shitty life. You saw Sean and Adam in the bathroom- déjà vu of the day you lost your virginity- but then you later got to hold Adam close in your arms. You saw Katy, but that’s when Adam kissed you. You told Adam your deepest secret, and he’d done the same in return. And then he left.



Deciding it was time to get off his sorry ass and head toward his car, which was on the complete opposite side of the park, Kris started to get moving. On the way, he tried hard not to think about the last time he’d crossed this lawn, in a frenzy to get to Adam, but the memory was too fresh in his mind to just not think about it. It’s gonna take me forever to get over this, Kris thought, remembering that the last time he’d gotten over Adam, he’d had Katy. Someone he lacked now.



Once he got in the car, he realized that he had no idea where to go. He couldn’t stand the idea of going home at the moment, basically accepting defeat, accepting that this night was over, and that Adam was gone. Plus, the night was young. According to the clock in his dashboard, it was only two o’clock. You’ve come too far to just accept that he’s gone now. Fight for him, at least.



So he hatched a plan. He’d drive back to the school. Hopefully Neil would be there, and Kris could talk to him and get Adam’s phone number and leave him a polite message saying how sorry he was for meddling with his relationship, although he had no fucking idea what the hell he did.



Driving back to the school, he found himself awake and alive with the determination to fight, his only motivation Adam. Adam was the only thing he had left. With his marriage dead, his dream career dead, his social life pretty much as close to dead as it could be, Adam was the only thing alive. And it showed, as a shiver of anticipation snaked through Kris’s spine at the mere thought of leaving Adam a voicemail.

The kiss they had shared gave Kris all the hope in the world. Although it was just a ploy to get Katy to leave them alone, Kris felt sparks fly. And there was a certain look in Adam’s eye that made Kris think Adam felt them, too. That was when Adam was in a loving, committed relationship, though. Of course he wasn’t allowed to let his feelings for Kris show. But now, he knew he was engaged to a scumbag cheater, and that means Kris’s chances were much greater.



He smiled, even though “Someone Like You” by Adele came on the radio, pumping heartbreaking lyrics into the already tense air of the car. He didn’t allow himself to even think of the possibility that Neil may not be there anymore. He’d probably left with that girl he was with. But no, he had to be there, because that was just part of the plan.



Kris parked in the exact same spot he had earlier, although he found that the parking lot was much less packed now. He wondered how much longer the party could go on- It’s already tomorrow. Kinda. Whatever.



Marching with purpose up to the sidewalk, Kris kept his eyes on the destination: the front door. He almost jumped out of his skin at the relieved voice that called out his name. “Kris? Kris! Thank you Jesus!”



Kris searched for the source of the noise, and was shocked when he found it. She was sitting, slumped over on the curb, jacket draped over her shoulders, her purse clutched in her hands. Kris was surprised to see her, but certainly felt much less hurt by her presence. Last time, she’d caught him off guard. But she had witnessed something truly spectacular: Adam had kissed Kris right in front of her. “Katy.”



Katy lifted her head and opened her mouth as if to say something, but then just settled for opening her arms to him instead. He took that as an invitation to sit by her, so he scooted in close to her on the perch of the pavement, just like they used to in high school. They used to just hold hands, or tickle each other, or even make out in this spot. But now they sat, their hands to themselves, like they were strangers.

“Kris, I need a ride home. I called for a cab like an hour ago, but I guess it’s not coming.” She smiled ruefully and relaxed, her clearly-nagging question finally voiced.



Seriously? “Okay, Katy, I know this might not be the best of times, but really?” His voice was shockingly harsh. “The first time you really talk to me in ages, and you want me to take you home? The fucking house we used to share? And earlier, you just introduced me to that guy, like we’re friends or something? Do you not fucking remember that we used to be married?!” Kris knew it wasn’t the ideal time to bring it up, but when was he ever going to see her again?



Katy was crying now, but Kris had no sympathy for her after what she did. After the pain she caused him, and now she acted like nothing had happened. “I’m sorry, Kris! What was I supposed to do?” She flung her hands in the air, expressing her frustration. “I knew you were queer when I married you, Kris! You clearly loved Adam!”



Kris wasn’t surprised in the least at Katy’s words. After she learned he lost his virginity to a man, she hit him with the divorce so fast it made his head spin. She was clearly either homophobic or extremely self-conscious, and judging by her behavior now, it’s both.



“Why do you care so much that I’m gay, huh? Is it just because we’ve had sex? Are you ashamed that such a big homo like me took your v-card? Is that it?” Kris asked, genuinely curious what the fuck Katy’s problem was. And why the hell would she marry me if she ‘knew I was queer’?



Her voice was trembling with tears, sounding apologetic. “I thought I could change you, Kris. I thought I did a pretty fucking good job, too, when we made love, when we went to prom, when we got married. But somewhere in the back of my mind, I always knew. You always loved Adam Lambert. And you still do!”



Kris was so confused, for what felt like the millionth time that night. “I still do?” he squeaked out. Why did I ask her that? How would she know how I feel?



“I could tell by that look in your eyes after that nasty kiss. Same look you used to have in school when you stared at him in the hallways,” Katy explained, actually pretty well. “I know you pretty well, Kris. We used to be married, remember?” Kris laughed, just at the weirdness of it all. This is sooo not what I came here for, he thought, relaxing in the wake of his ex-wife. “Anyway, do you mind driving me home?”



Kris’s mind flashed back to that humiliating situation when Katy had introduced him to that guy. “What about that dude that was with you earlier? What happened to him?”



Katy averted her eyes, and a small smile spread on her lips. “Well, uh, after you guys made out in front of us and totally ran away, I might’ve cussed a little. And I might’ve ranted about how disgusting you guys were until he ran away too.”



Jaw dropping, Kris breathed, “Seriously?” Jesus, Katy, you’re such a fucking twat.



Dabbing at her sparkling eyes, Katy cried out, “It’s so unfair! People like you find love, leaving me out to just go out with ugly dumbasses!” Just when Kris was about to cut in and yell at her for being so blatantly rude, she whispered, “I was actually in love with you! Do you know how hard that was for me to accept that you could never love me back?!” That’s no excuse for being such a bitch, Kris sing-songed in his head. But then Katy clasped her hands together and started begging. “Please, please, just take me home.”



Katy deserved to be hurt like she hurt Kris. Kris could never do that to a person- completely rip out their heart and reject them when they needed you most. Nobody deserved that. But Kris would absolutely abandon her now. This would be him getting even.



Standing up from the curb and scraping his converse on the sidewalk, Kris replied with a resounding, “No.”



Katy looked desperate, her eyes widening in horror. “Wh-why?”



Gaining a rich sense of satisfaction, Kris said, “You’re kind of a bitch.” And so is karma.





Kris had a new plan. A better plan. It didn’t revolve around maybe’s, or if’s. He would go straight to the source. A place he knew Adam would be at eventually. The conversation with Katy had set him on the right course. He did still love Adam. And he was going to do anything to get him back. He wouldn’t just settle for a lousy voicemail on his cell phone. He was gonna do this in person.



He pulled up to the curb by the apartment complex, noting that Jay’s bright red corvette had not been among the cars parked. So he most likely wasn’t home. At this hour, him not being home made it terribly obvious what he was doing. God, I hope Adam noticed that and knows I’m not the only one Jay has had sex with, Kris thought, remembering the reason he and Jay had broken up. A guy in a car that had definitely not been Adam.



Feeling a little guilty because the only reason he knew where Adam lived was because he’d been in his home when it was only thought to be Jay’s home, Kris bounded up the sidewalk to the front door. Fuck, I hope he’s home, Kris thought, not knowing what Adam’s car looked like or how Adam even got home. I really don’t wanna wait here all night.



The rest of the journey up to Adam’s floor was spent in a haze, mostly Kris trying not to recall that he and Jay had kissed in the lobby, in the elevator, in the hallways. It clearly did not work, but at least he was annoyed at the memory rather than be heartsick over losing Jay. Kris dragged his feet down the hall, remembering exactly which number their apartment was. After two in the morning, it was so quiet in the hall, and Kris didn’t want to disrupt the peace. But his need to see Adam was more dire than his need to always be a goody-goody, and he knocked frantically on the wooden door.



Maybe he’s not here. It took forever, and Kris was almost about to knock again, when suddenly, the door swung open. Relief washed over Kris, and his heart started beating a little faster. Adam was standing there, looking even more gorgeous than he remembered. It had only been about an hour since they last saw each other, but Kris’s perspective about Adam had changed so much. He had changed shirts- instead of a black t-shirt, he now wore a gray tank top- and now he was barefoot. His hair was more mussed up than usual- Or maybe that’s from where I kept running my fingers through it- but it looked cuter that way.



Adam’s lips curled up into a sad, sorry, grateful smile. “Hey,” he said softly, his voice so different from the last time Kris had heard it, when he’d been screaming at him to leave him alone.



Kris beamed. Oh fuck, I am in love. “Hey.”


Jeez what a bitch katy was. Now Adam and kris need to have a heart to heart
This chapter so full of background info but written into the story very cleverly. I'm very happy that Kris didn't stop to take Katy home and continued his persue of Adam. I was so scared that you were going to leave this chapter with Kris knocking on an unanswered door. I thank you for continuing with the last few paragraphs. Now I at least know they will talk to each other since both are smiling! :)
happy danced in my chair when Kris told Katy she was a bitch ...

now starting to levitate towards Cloud Nine as the boys are reunited

Deb <333
Really loved that he left her high and dry !!! awesome update BB ♥
awwww they'll talk abut everything and get rid of that asshole and be together :DDDDD
hope Josh get kicked in the ass for hurting them tho

can't wait for the next chapter