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December 2012

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Bright Night, Chapter 14/15

Title: Bright Night
Author: ScissorSissy2
Rating: PG-13/Possibly R
Pairing: Adam/OMC, mentions of Kris/OMC, mentions of Kraty, eventual Kradam
Warnings: Language, some violence & mentions of past abuse
Summary: AU taking place in summer 2013. Neil Lambert decides to attend his ten-year high school reunion, and drags his newly-engaged brother, Adam, along. Also attending the reunion is the recently-divorced Kris Allen, who was in love with Adam in high school, and who is confused about his feelings for him now. Adam and Kris quickly connect, but feel guilty doing so with Adam's fiancé in the picture. Before long, though, they both discover something that makes their advances feel right, and it takes them on a night-long adventure that they will never forget.
Author's Note: Oooh, we're closing in on the ending! Hope you guys enjoy! :)

Adam knew it was Kris before he even opened the door. Honestly, who would come to his house at this hour besides Josh and Kris? And Josh had a key, so he wouldn’t knock. Of course it was Kris. Adam had been about to change out of his uncomfortable skinny jeans and into some sweatpants to get ready for bed, but he had this feeling, this gut feeling, that Kris was going to come and try to make up. He couldn't explain this hunch, but it was obviously accurate. When he pulled open the door, he was actually surprised to see how cute Kris looked. I guess now I’m allowed to think that way, Adam thought, already considering himself away from Josh.



He looked so eager, those brown puppy-dog wide eyes, looking lost yet hopeful from all the shit Adam had put him through. Adam felt a smile tug at his freckled lips at the sight, and at the thought of Kris actually coming to his house. “Hey,” he murmured, opening the door a little wider.



Kris beamed, and Adam’s heart fluttered. “Hey.”



Adam moved out of the way of the door, making room for Kris. “Come in, come in," he said, gesturing into his apartment. He had a feeling they would be talking a long time, and he didn't want Kris to just be standing out there in the hallway.



Walking across the threshold, Kris looked a little uncomfortable, and immediately made his way over to the living room, like he knew where everything was. That's odd. Then it hit Adam. “You’ve been here before, haven’t you?” He couldn’t help the question from falling out of his mouth. He had no filter. Whatever popped into his head automatically popped out of his mouth. “Sorry, that was-“



He was interrupted by Kris, who had a rueful smile plastered on his face. “Yes, I have been here before. And no, that question was not too personal. He was your fiancé, and you have a right to know. That’s actually one of the reasons I came here. I wanted to apologize for what I did. I’m so sorry that I slept with Jay. I had no idea that he was connected to you in any way, and if I knew, I swear to God I wouldn’t have let it go on for as long as I did. I’m not a home-wrecker.” Holy shit. Kris chuckled a little and shrugged. “Well, not intentionally, anyway.”



Apparently, Kris changed a lot in the past hour. He’d grown some balls, and Adam was very impressed. Kris had actually just spoken his mind, straight to the point, unafraid of Adam’s reaction. “Kris, it’s fine. I know you didn’t know. I’m just, I’m sorry I freaked out at the park and ran away. I was just- well, I don’t know what I was, really. Mad, I guess. But not at you. At Josh. How the fuck could he do this to me?”  



Adam flopped dramatically across the couch, and Kris sat down politely beside him. “You weren’t the only one, Kris. You know, I talked to my friends while they were driving me home. They said that they’d caught Josh and Sean gettin’ it on in a club once.”



“Holy shit,” Kris mumbled. “Like, seriously, that’s so fucking messed up.”



I couldn’t agree more. Adam suddenly felt another rush of anger. But not at Kris, not at Sean, not even at Josh. He punched the pillow that had landed in the floor when he toppled on the sofa. “How did I not know? What is wrong with me? He slept with at least two other men, and I didn’t have a fucking clue! Am I just a blind moron?”



“Hey,” Kris cooed quietly, wrapping his arms around Adam. “It’s okay, Adam. I’ve been there. Our relationship ended because I caught him with some dude in his car.”



Great, add another person to that list of people that my fiancé prefers over me. “You’re sure it wasn’t me or Sean?”



Kris laughed softly and ran his cool hand through Adam’s hair. “Yeah, he was some fatass with a red perm.”



Great- he’d rather fuck ginger fatty than me. The mental image was actually quite funny to Adam, and they both laughed pretty hard. The hardest Adam laughed all night, actually. It seemed like he’d spent the whole night crying and telling his secrets and it felt so good to just laugh. “Seriously?


Kris nodded slowly, a grin spreading on his mouth. “Seriously.”



Shit. Adam thought of something important to ask Kris that would undoubtedly send them closer to the crying-zone again. It was a very serious question, and they were already extremely sensitive as it was. “Kris?” When Kris answered with a little hum, Adam continued. “How did you break up with Josh- Jay- after you caught him? How did you bring it up? Or did you interrupt them having sex?”



Surprisingly, the thought of polite little Kris, knocking on the car window while his boyfriend is having sex with someone else, was just too funny not to laugh.



Kris chuckled a little himself, but it was a sad noise, obviously having brought up a bad time for him. That’s when Adam realized something. Kris had lost Josh too. Josh had cheated on him, too. They’d been dating, and Kris had caught him cheating. Just because Kris’s time with him wasn’t as long, and it didn’t end with them getting engaged, Kris’s pain of losing Josh was just the same as Adam’s. Once again, Adam felt connected to Kris in a way that he’d never connected to anyone else.



Clearing his throat, Kris said, “Well, I just left him. I never really talked to him about it. Since we weren’t living together, it wasn’t like anybody had to move out or anything. But honestly, all I did was pound on the car window and then flip him off and walk away. It felt really, really good. And then I just didn’t answer his calls or texts and I never saw him again.”



Adam had to resist the urge to laugh at the thought of Kris flipping the bird at someone, but then he remembered who Kris had flipped off, and his mien turned sad again. Fuck, this must be so hard for him. “I can’t picture you doing that.”



Widening his eyes, Kris said, “You hardly even know me, Adam. I’ve done some pretty tough shit, mister.” Adam giggled. Thank you, Kris, for adding light to all this darkness, Adam thought, extremely grateful that Kris had remembered where he lived and came back for him. “Oh, really? Like what, might I ask?”



There was a long pause, where Kris just bit his lip, thinking of what to say. Adam was laughing harder and harder the longer it took for Kris to respond. “Okay,” Kris said decidedly. “Well, I haven’t actually done anything, really. I mean, I literally just told Katy off. But once, I daydreamed of something really bad.”



Adam was impressed about the Katy thing. Earlier when they’d seen Katy, Kris was about to shit his pants. But telling off your ex-wife. Damn, Kris. Such a badass. But he was also intrigued about the last part of what Kris had said. “Ooh, like what?”



Smiling a bit coyly, Kris said, “After the record label dropped me, I used to dream about vandalizing the recording studio. Like, hardcore shit, man, graffiti penises everywhere, tee-peeing the place, maybe I could take a piss on some stuff. It was just a thought. I would never ever do something like that.”



Adam was cackling now, fully belly-laughs, and his stomach was actually starting to hurt. "That would be so fucking awesome! We should totally do that sometime!" Adam exclaimed, and Kris's face was actually a bit startled. More surprised, really, at Adam implying that there would be a next time. Their story wouldn't end tonight.



They sat quietly after that, just staring deeply into each other's eyes while a peaceful silence descended on them. Oh, Kris, Adam thought as he helplessly got lost in those big brown eyes of Kris's. Despite the devastating loss of whom he thought was his soul mate, the man he was supposed to love for the rest of his life, Adam was seriously started to feel things for Kris. More than a relationship with the kid you babysat way back when, more than just friends, more than he could possibly fathom, having just gotten reacquainted with Kris tonight after over ten years of having no contact at all. It was unexplainable, Adam accepting the end of his relationship with Josh, and being able to fall for someone who was practically a stranger in just a few short hours. But it's happening, Adam thought, his heart melting as Kris cupped his face in his warm hand and ran his thumb across his cheek.



Suddenly, a very uncomfortable look with a hint of guilt settled across Kris's features, and his hand along with his gorgeous brown eyes were torn away from Adam. Adam would do anything to just feel those callused fingertips run along his skin again, to stare in wonder at Kris's brown, relaxing eyes. Those dark, calming eyes, however, were now clouded with distress. "What?" Adam breathed, reaching out to lay his hand on Kris's thigh. It felt good just to have physical contact with Kris again. Now that he knew it wasn't completely off-limits to go any further, touching Kris was quickly becoming something that Adam would never grow tired of.



Kris gave Adam a sheepish but disarming smile, shifting on the couch so he was in a sitting position, but remained silent. Adam sat up as well, preparing to attempt to get Kris to relax again. “What is it?” he pried, trying to catch Kris’s eyes, which were fixated on the hardwood floor. They made eye contact, and in that split second before Kris looked away again, Adam saw his answer. The pain was written all over Kris’s face.



Oh, shit. He knew Kris was thinking of his time with Josh, which had no doubt been in this very room. How did I not notice? Adam thought, scolding himself for being so oblivious to his cheating partner all this time. An unbidden image of himself with Josh, making love, kissing, and cuddling on the sofa flashed into his mind, startling him. Adam was suddenly very uncomfortable, too. He was spending his time with Kris, yet that fucker was all he was thinking about. Jesus, we need to get out of here. The memories are just too much right now. Not to mention he could burst through that door any minute.



Pulling him into a tight hug, Adam simply thought the words that he could not voice. Oh, Kris. I know your pain. I know how easy it was to fall for Josh, I know the pain of him cheating on you, I know the pain that the memories bring back. I know. Drawing back from the embrace only a bit, with their faces so close, Adam found himself forgetting about Josh, and felt Kris’s tense shoulders go slack. He even felt a smile creep onto his face as he said, “Let’s get out of this house.”



Yay they so belong together !!! so sweet !!!! loved this chapter ♥
Love this story. they belong together :)
one more chapter, so happy their new relationship is on the mend

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