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December 2012

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Bright Night, Chapter 9/15

Title: Bright Night
Author: ScissorSissy2
Rating: PG-13/Possibly R
Pairing: Adam/OMC, mentions of Kris/OMC, mentions of Kraty, eventual Kradam
Warnings: Language, some violence & mentions of past abuse  
Summary: AU taking place in summer 2013. Neil Lambert decides to attend his ten-year high school reunion, and drags his newly-engaged brother, Adam, along. Also attending the reunion is the recently-divorced Kris Allen, who was in love with Adam in high school, and who is confused about his feelings for him now. Adam and Kris quickly connect, but feel guilty doing so with Adam's fiancé in the picture. Before long, though, they both discover something that makes their advances feel right, and it takes them on a night-long adventure that they will never forget.

Author’s Note: Hey guys, I just wanted to let you guys know that I am currently thinking/planning out a new fic. Does Kradam Hunger Games interest anybody? I’d love to hear your input. Anywho, this chapter is kinda short, but I think you guys will really like it. ;) Hope you do! Now ONTO THE KRADAM!!


“Why are you leaving so soon?”


Neil’s question was purely innocent, but it made so many uncertainties rise up within Adam. He bit his bottom lip, unsure of how to answer his brother. It wasn’t as if he could tell him the truth. Sean’s attack in the bathroom was his secret- between him, Sean, and Kris. Fuck, I can’t think of a good lie. And it wasn’t like Adam could just tell him who he was leaving with, either- Kris Allen was definitely not his fiancé.


Ooh, Josh! That’s a good idea. “Uh, Josh called me while I was in the bathroom and said he needed me at home,” he lied, surprisingly very smoothly. “But it’s been fun, bro.”


Neil took another sip of beer and slurred, “I can take you home.” Even if he wasn’t leaving with Kris, Adam still wouldn’t trust drunk-Neil to get him home safely. Jesus Christ, he’s wasted.

Adam vigorously shook his head. Hell no. “Naw, that’s okay. I’ll call a cab. I know you wanna stay here with Hope.” Neil’s face lit up at the mention of his lady-friend, who was currently at the drink table grabbing another round of unneeded alcohol. “Tell her I said bye, and it was nice meeting her.”


Neil nodded and said bye, and Adam slapped him on the back as a farewell, knowing Neil was definitely not sturdy enough to stand up and offer a hug. Adam strode away from the table and toward the gym door, staying on the edges of the gym floor and away from the crowds of people, where Sean was probably hiding out. Even though Sean had freaked out about Adam’s engagement ring and ran away from him, not wanting to cause him any more harm, apparently, Adam was still weary of his former abuser.


Adam just rolled his shoulders back and kept his head up as he walked, alone, through the gym, reminding himself that Kris is just outside, he’s just waiting outside for you. You’ll be okay. But his arms stung and his back ached from Sean’s destructive hands, and he couldn’t get the bathroom incident off his mind, and his strong, confident façade was rapidly fading away.


But soon, he made it to the gym door, and stepped out into the bright lights of the hall. It was quiet, but his ears were ringing from the loud music they’d been accustomed to. He heard voices, though, just people talking. From what he heard of the conversation, it was painfully awkward. And he saw familiar faces. He saw Kris from behind, his hands shoved in his pockets, and right in front of him, talking to him was Katy. Ohhhhhh, shit. Katy was holding hands with some huge, muscular dude, doing some serious bragging about her relationship status, just rubbing it in that her ex-husband was alone.


And Kris just looked so fucking uncomfortable. Okay, Adam thought, quickening his pace, which had gotten slow when his thoughts turned dark and his pain started to overtake him. Kris saved me from my ex in that bathroom. Time for me to save him.




Katy was fucking making introductions. She was introducing her boyfriend to her ex-husband. With a huge smile plastered on her face, like she was being friendly. God, what a bitch, Kris thought, but instantly felt guilty for thinking that about someone who used to be his best friend. Thankfully, Kris wasn’t the only one who felt the tension- What’s His Name looked just as uncomfortable as Kris felt.


Kris knew it had been a good while since their divorce, and he was pretty much over it- now he was hung up on just Adam, Adam, Adam- but bringing a date to their high school reunion? And showing him off like a trophy to Kris? How tacky.


Kris had completely zoned out, wasn’t even listening to her ramble on anymore. He just wanted the humiliation to be over. Okay, we get it- you won the break up. Whatever. Kris normally wouldn’t care if someone boasted about being in a relationship so much, but who knew Katy would stoop so low? He didn’t care that Katy had a new man- in fact, Kris had a new man, too, kinda- it was just annoying that she felt the need to tell Kris all about it.


How long does it take to say goodbye to Neil? Christ, where is Adam? Kris thought, and suddenly, he felt a soft, cool hand on the back of his neck, and he looked up to see the man himself. Their faces were mere inches apart, and Adam met Kris’s eyes with a mischievous smile. And before Kris knew it, Adam’s lips were on his, Adam’s tongue was in his mouth, Adam was kissing him. For whatever reason, Adam was kissing him. And Kris kissed back.


Kris had dreamed of this moment since middle school- the moment when they declared their love for each other and shared their first kiss. Actually, that first part hadn’t happened yet, but Who gives a shit? I’m making out with Adam fucking Lambert! One of Adam’s hands was in Kris’s hair, just running his fingers through the strands, while his other hand was settled at the base of Kris’s back, just above his ass. Kris was tempted to do the same thing, except drop his hand a little lower, but he just settled for running his fingers through Adam’s hair and just having his hand on Adam’s chest.


After a moment that felt like forever- it was his first kiss with Adam Lambert, for Christ’s sake, he was allowed to savor the moment- Adam finally drew back from Kris, and Kris took that as the queue to pull away, as well. Kris’s head was in a whirl, and he felt breathless and giddy. He was in a dreamlike haze. What the hell just happened? he thought, very, very confused. But he just kept staring at Adam’s face- his lips, more specifically, wanting and wishing for more of them.


But those lips started moving, and words started to come out of them. “Oh, sorry, I didn’t see you guys there,” he said innocently, looking at Katy and her boyfriend. Kris cocked his head to the side to see them as well. Katy looked stunned and horrified, and the guy just looked amused. Kris returned his gaze to Adam, who was now looking directly back at him. “Come on, babe, let’s get out of here.”


And Kris felt Adam’s hand slip into his, and he was being pulled away from Katy and her new beau. Adam didn’t say a word as they marched through the lobby, and Kris couldn’t find the words he wanted to say. He had so many questions. Aren’t you engaged? Why the fuck did you kiss me? How the hell do I care about all this other stuff when you’re such a good kisser?


Finally, they made it out the front door, and the darkness around them compared to the harsh fluorescent lighting inside made it hard to see. A warm summer breeze was blowing, and Kris felt good. He was on top of the world from that kiss- and although he was so puzzled about why it happened, he wanted more. He was high on Adam.


Kris’s heart skipped a beat when Adam’s soft voice cut through the night air. Although he sounded a bit hesitant, it was still the most beautiful voice Kris had heard. “I’m so sorry I kissed you back there, Kris.” What the fuck? Sorry? “I just- you looked really uncomfortable, and I knew that would distract them. And I thought that since you helped me back in the bathroom, I owed you one, ya know? I’m so sorry if that was out of line.”


Out of line? For him to kiss me? He’s the one with the fiancé… But at least it makes sense now. He doesn’t like me like that. He just wanted to save me from Katy. Although Kris was a little dismayed at the non-romantic reason for Adam’s kiss, he was forever grateful that despite being in so much pain, Adam was a quick-thinker and had devised a good scheme. Especially one that involved Kris fulfilling his near-lifelong dream of kissing Adam.


“Hey, no, it was a really good idea,” Kris reassured, careful not to say he enjoyed it, and cross a line there. Jesus, so many boundaries with an engaged man, he thought grumpily. “Thank you so much for saving me.” I appreciate it more than you will ever know.


*whimper* I want a kiss like that :(

Deb <333
me too!
Heeehee, don't we all :) Thanks for reading!!
AHHHHH so damn sweet how they have both saved the other !!!! and that was one hell of a kiss !!!! great update ♥
That's not the last time they'll be saving each other :) Thank you so much!! ♥
that sounded like quite a kisss! glad adam saved kris from the awkward situation with katy and her new man
That definitely won't be the last time they save each other :) Thanks for reading, I always love your comments! ♥
Heehee I'm glad you enjoyed it :) Thanks so much for reading! Also, I'm plotting out the Hunger Games fic now. I'm excited to write it.
That sounded like one hell of a kiss! Damn*fans self* and take that bitch!Katy!!

And Kradam Hunger Games FTW!!!
Haha, I'm glad you enjoyed it! And Katy will definitely get more of what's coming to her later :) Thanks for reading!! ♥

Also, I'm plotting out the Hunger Games fic now. It's gonna take a while, but I'm so excited to write it.
Awwww Adamm save Kris from Evil katy.. Go kradam!!!!

and yessss for Hunger Games Fic!! SO DO WANT!!!

Thanks for sharing;)
Thanks for reading!! Glad you enjoyed it :) Also, I'm plotting out the Hunger Games fic now. I'm so excited to write it!
Enjoying tne story. Looking forward to more. Xxx
Thank you. I'm glad you like it! :)
awww they kissed, loved this update :)