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Jess's Journal

22 June
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  • scissorsissy2@livejournal.com
Hello! I'm Jess. This is my 2nd livejournal account. My first one (Scissorsissy) was deleted after a terrible mishap and so I'm here to start over. On my old account, I wrote fan fiction in the Adam Lambert community. You may remember my old fic called The Tattoo and I had started work on a new WIP, but all that is lost now.

Oh, well. Whatever happens, happens. *shrugs* Can't change it. So I'm here to (hopefully) entertain you with some fan fiction. If you don't like Adam Lambert, or fan fiction, then this is the wrong journal for you.

Anyway, a little about myself... I'm almost 24 years old, I live with my amazing boyfriend of almost 7 years, and I'm a huge Glambert. I've recently started working from home and I'm enjoying every minute of it. Also, I love getting comments and feedback on my work. Just sayin'... And feel free to add me as a friend. :)

Enough about me... I hope you enjoy my stories!